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Remember that podcast a while back that didn't exist?  Well, here's a good summary of what happened!  You really missed out, but this summary is better than the original anyway.  Why?  Because Dirty Pete has gotten BETTER at this shit, bitches!

A show for the ladies!  Also, look up SKD Knickerbocker to read along as "liner notes" to this podcast.  Hilary Rosen is an opportunistic sack of trash who is getting rich off her exclusive access to the White House for lobbying purposes . . .

Sh sh sh . . . just touch it . . .

Summary of today's "Entertainment" news!

Plus, did you know the government sucks!  FILE YOUR TAXES, ASSHOLES!

That's right, bitches, we're getting into it . . . let's talk about this Trayvon Martin thing so we can MOVE THE FUCK ON AND LET THE INVESTIGATION HAPPEN!

Oh, and Hunger Games stuff.

If it's just the tip, is it really cheating?

(Episode currently housed at:  http://www.archive.org/details/DirtyPeteShowEp.11March212012)

Happy post- St. Patrick's Day, folks!

Kirk Cameron and GLAAD are a perfect match for each other- Both are intolerant!

Ashton Kutcher stop following Bruce Willis into dark places.

Whitney Cummings IS hilarious- but if you don't agree . . . I respect your opinion!


Today's fake sponsor:  In-Jizz-Align.  Ask for it by name at your dentist office . . .

Just a quickie . . . sh sh sh . . . just swallow . . .

Follow up on "The Bachelor" and the Oscars.

More to come, my lovelies . . . sh sh sh

In the meantime, exposing you all to two more great comics Jesse Jarvis and Chris Martin!  Look them up!! http://www.veoh.com/iphone/#_Watch/v210732395wzmZMtn

Rush Limbaugh is a slut!

Kim Kartrashian is a slut!

Any questions?!

Check out Bill Burr on iTunes (VERY funny and talented comic!)

Check out Mark Bennett at The Republic (VERY funny and talented comic, but not as good as Bill Burr)

This episode brought to you by Ned's Near Death Experiences!  Bring your family back together TODAY!

Chris Brown BEAT DOWN!  Rick "the dick" Santorum fucks up again? and MORE!

Don't miss great comedy:  8:30 PM 2/27/12 at Cafe Diem, Richmond VA            and           9:30 PM 2/28/12 at The Republic, Richmond VA (Produced by Radio Rubber Room).  Here's a sampling . . . February 22, 2012 McCormack's in Richm…

January 29, 2012

Entertainment update!  Kartrashians, Special Correspondent Johnny One Eye, Van Halen, and more!

Brought to you by Lollinutz!  Ask for them by name!

Thank you Murphy's Law 2- Mike/Trey good people!  Even Popeye's dad was a hoot- Wednesday night at 8:30 PM, keep drinking old man . . .

Next in person appearance 9:30 PM Feb 7 at The Republic in Richmond, VA!  BE THERE!

Weekend Update about JoePa, Newt, and Football!  YOU READY FOR SOME BALL DRAINERS?!!!

(To make room for newer, funnier shit this episode has been moved to below location!  Come check it out- it's a classic!  But come back and listen to the new awesome shit!!)


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